A Member Services Organization Dedicated to the Needs of Banking Institutions

The Indiana Bankers Association (IBA) (indianabankers.org) was founded in 1897 to promote the general welfare, usefulness, effectiveness, and services of banks and banking institutions doing business in the state of Indiana. Following mergers with the Indiana League of Savings Institutions (2000) and the Community Bankers Association of Indiana (2006), the IBA is the largest and most comprehensive association of financial institutions in the State of Indiana.


The Indiana Bankers Association Mega Conference is the largest state banker association meeting in the country.  Serving as their preeminent educational event the conference brings attendees from more than 120 financial institutions. The goal was to offer a cyber center and virtual welcome center complete with computer terminals for attendees to securely check emails via wired and wireless devices and keep in touch with their offices while at the conference.


The price of the broadband connectivity available at the convention locale to a single computer terminal was expensive. To power several computers for the cyber center would cost several thousands of dollars which made offering a cyber center to attendees cost prohibitive.


Using a cellular backhaul eWireless was able to provide a temporary Internet connection to power the cyber center at a small fraction of the cost of using traditional broadband available in house. Routing the Internet traffic through the eWireless off-site servers allowed for a secure, managed and branded welcome screen to greet each attendee using the cyber center’s services. At the same time the system was used to deliver targeted messages regarding events taking place during the conference.