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 ConnectionsRegardless of industry, companies around the world are using wireless internet solutions to transform their businesses in order to achieve greater profitability.  Our products and services are designed not only to act as an amenity but more importantly, they act as a tool to help your business succeed.

eWireless services are easily incorporated into your business model with marketing strategies that are customized to meet your specific needs.

We offer many types of managed WiFi services and will adapt them to help increase your bottom line by enhancing:


  •        Digital Marketing
  •        Loyalty Programs
  •        Visitor Engagement
  •        Digital Experience
  •        Business Growth

Wireless Internet Service for Office Buildings

Value Added Property Service & Amenity


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WiFi Hotspots for Restaurants, Cafe’s and More

A Simplified WiFi Marketing Solution

eWireless is a provider of Managed WiFi Hotspot Systems and offers a cost effective and scalable turnkey WiFi solution for your venues nationwide. We make getting started as simple as possible. We manage every aspect of the Hotspots at your locations including all of the configuration, digital marketing enhancments, technical and customer support. We add in 24/7 network monitoring and remote management so that you can keep your focus on your core business. Our WiFi Hotspots are now a service offered by One WiFi, a division of eWireless.

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WiFi Hot Zones for Cities, Towns & Parks

Wireless Internet Service for Large Outdoor Areas

With WiFi being used at an ever increasing pace, there has been a need for bigger coverage areas in more outdoor spaces. eWireless Hot Zone Systems are designed to enable WiFi service access for mobile devices and laptops across larger outdoor areas.

Wireless Hot Zones are designed to draw locals, tourists, and mobile business people to specific areas, connect them with information and differentiate those sites from competing locations.  This is an attractive area amenity to businesses, consumers and the workforce.  Easily adaptable to any environment this cost effective system is designed to smoothly scale to any size deployment.


  • College & Corporate Campuses
  • Downtown Areas
  • Tourist Atractions & Visitor Centers
  • Arts & Cultural Points of Interest
  • Stadiums & Performance Venues
  • Parks & Green Spaces
  • Outdoor Shopping Venues
  • Marinas
  • Camp Grounds & RV Parks

Wireless Internet Service for Office Buildings

Value Added Property Service & Amenity

eWireless brings a fresh approach to tenant services for building owners and managers by providing a fully managed Wi-Fi service solution. Our customized service offerings permit the rapid deployment, operation and management of wireless Internet access locations.

As communication needs increase and new applications emerge our infrastructure will afford tenants the opportunity to operate efficiently and effectively wherever they are on property.  Local wireless networks add tremendous value to commercial properties by providing convenient Internet access for tenants, visitors, shoppers and guests.  Whether they are in a conference room, meeting a guest in the lobby or checking emails from the parking lot, these types of cost effective services allow your property to stand out from similar available area spaces.

  • Lobbies
  • Conference Centers
  • Parking Lots/Garages
  • Onsite Restaurants
  • Green Spaces

Wireless Service for Residential Communities

Wireless Apartments are a Modern Amenity and Property Differentiator

In a fast-paced and increasingly mobile society, an existing generation of people always have on hand connected devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops.  To stay competitive property management and development firms are using technology to their highest advantage, and are incorporating WiFi into their business model at residential communities.

eWireless Apartment Community WiFi Solutions bundle in aspects of tenant services and marketing as well as property management all into one very fashionable modern day utility.  Our systems are fully managed with resident technical support so that your staff can focus on your core business.  We also include a suite of  marketing and resident communication apps to increase resident engagement. eWireless offers several cost effective, value added resident options that will help differentiate your properties from competitor’s locations.


  • Clubhouse
  • Pool
  • Business Office
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Picnic Areas
  • Property Wide

Wireless Project Management

Ensuring Your WiFi Deployments Go Smoothly

eWireless is experienced in providing clients of all sizes and business models with wireless and wired technology planning & implementation services.

We help organizations recognize and apply the most effective solutions to meet their technology needs. Our experienced consultants, project managers, and designers use practical skills to work with you in all aspects of deployment.


  • Communicate technology ideas successfully to non-technical personnel
  • Integrate technology projects with business models and marketing plans
  • Discover and realistically establish the scope for your project needs
  • Define alternatives to meet project goals
  • Develop a program with estimated costs
  • Generate a detailed design to meet the needs of the project
  • Establish bid specifications and documents
  • Objectively institute selection criteria for qualified contractors or vendors
  • Make certain that the finished product is completed on time and within budget

Consulting Services

Consult with Industry Leaders That Have a Depth of First Hand Expericne

If it is for a new project or to revamp and existing wireless deployment, you will benefit from working with eWireless and our consulting teams. Our Wi-Fi consulting services allow you to maximize your project ROI and take advantage of applications and abilities that you may not have realized were available.

As one of the oldest and continuously running public WiFi management companies, we have a deep understanding of wireless capabilities and its many possibilities. We have participated in and have had our company lead trailblazing deployment strategies that have changed how WiFi is used today.

We help organizations create and apply the most effective solutions that go beyond their expectations.

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